The survey can be accessed here and will remain open until Friday 31 January 2020.

Ahead of publishing our final recommendations in March, we are working on a short project to capture what people really think about poverty in Edinburgh.

Collaborating with researchers at the Poverty Alliance and the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit at Glasgow Caledonian University, we are running a short survey to find out what people who live and work in Edinburgh think about poverty in their city.

So far, our Commissioners have had an overwhelmingly positive response from people they meet in person or online through our Twitter page.

The generosity people have shown us in telling us their stories has been encouraging and deeply moving at times.

It is important that we underline our knowledge and understanding of poverty in Edinburgh and we think that this survey is the best way to capture people’s thoughts.

Indeed, it is anticipated that this will be the largest ever public consultation about poverty in the city.

Commenting at the launch of the survey, our Chair, Dr Jim McCormick said:

“We all think that Edinburgh should be a city where everyone has a chance of a decent and secure life, no matter where in the city they live. We believe that much lower rates of poverty in Edinburgh can be achieved.  But to do so, we need to change.  ‘More of the same’ will not do. This is why the city launched the Edinburgh Poverty Commission, to identify and design the changes it is in our power to make – as individuals, as businesses, as public sector agencies, as communities, and as third sector organisations – to end poverty in Edinburgh.  The online survey gives the people of Edinburgh the chance – whoever they are and whatever they think – to shape the priorities for the city in the years ahead.”

Responding to Jim, Professor John McKendrick of the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit at Glasgow Caledonian University commented:

“We are delighted to support the work of the Edinburgh Poverty Commission. We will ensure that the Commission hears the voices of the people of Edinburgh and look forward to sharing the results with the people of Edinburgh over the next few months.”