On 27th Feb, we heard from Carnegie UK and City of Edinburgh Council, who presented their findings on how poverty, income, and other socio economic factors determine people’s experience of life in Edinburgh and across the UK.

Hannah Paylor and Dr Jenny Peachey from Carnegie UK spoke about their ‘Life in the UK‘ research, a three-year demonstrator project designed to measure the collective wellbeing of the people of the UK, looking at social, economic, environmental, and democratic aspects of life.  The three key messages from their work so far, being:

  • Relationships are key to building understanding and bringing the humanity to the statistics.
  • The strength of a community is not determined by proximity, wealth or power. 
  • Refugees and asylum seekers have a unique experience of life in the UK.

The full presentation with a factor analysis at the end can be found here.

David Porteous from City of Edinburgh Council also presented the findings of the most recent Edinburgh Partnership Survey with a specific focus on the ways poverty, income, debt, and how the area of residence impacts people’s satisfaction with the places they live in and the services they rely on. The full presentation can be viewed here.