At our March Edinburgh Poverty Network session, Sheena Watson and Jacqui Prokes from Fife Council were the guest speakers. They spoke about the powerful and effective way they were using data to change the conversation around poverty-related hunger. It was a great opportunity to see what Fife Council are doing right now to tackle poverty and the current crisis through a newly created tool – LIFT (Low Income Family Tracker). They shared some of the stats pulled from it for their talk. You can look at the full presentation here.

There are currently 31,230 low income households in Fife, with 20,000 in fuel poverty, just over 4,000 living in food poverty and 130 families with school age children who cannot afford school meals. Food and fuel bills remain higher than pre-pandemic and incomes of the poorest are also expected to fall.

The Council have set up the ‘Fife Tackling Poverty and Preventing Crisis Board’ to link up with other influencers, like ‘No Wrong Door’, plus policy and consultation groups across Scotland. Their Delivery Plan is focussed on five areas of improvement and workstreams. They are:

Benefit Maximisation

Food and Household Support

Energy Advice and Support

3 Tier Advice Framework Coordination

Preventing Future Crisis.