tThe Edinburgh Poverty Commission published a series of papers during its process of inquiry.

Here are some highlights:

In late 2020, in response to the Commission’s final report, the City of Edinburgh Council became the first UK local authority to set a target date for ending poverty by agreeing the proposals set out in the End Poverty in Edinburgh Delivery Plan 2020-30.

The Edinburgh Partnership has also published a paper setting out how partners will collectively work towards the aim of ending poverty in the city by 2030.

For the latest report on the City of Edinburgh Council’s progress towards meeting the Poverty Commission calls to action, please read the End Poverty Edinburgh Annual Report 2023. 




As part of the launch event of our final report, A Just Capital: Actions to End Poverty in Edinburgh, we spoke to four citizens about their experiences of living in poverty in the city.

The first film asks:

  • Is poverty a problem in Edinburgh?
  • How does poverty affect people’s lives and wellbeing?
  • What makes it difficult for people to get out of poverty?

The second film explores:

  • What needs to change to end poverty?
  • What can ordinary citizens do to help end poverty?

Thanks to Sarah, Linda, Iscah and Paul for their time, knowledge and input. All four are members of a new network provisionally named End Poverty Edinburgh, who will carry on the work we have started.

This is a group of Edinburgh citizens we have met during our inquiry, who have expressed their desire and commitment to be a part of the change their city needs to make. Some members have experience of living in poverty, others see the impact of poverty directly through their work and others are allies who care and want to see justice for their fellow citizens.

Filming and editing by RAW Film Productions.